Saturday, January 26, 2013

Erin's fish quilt

Erin brought me this colorful baby quilt. There are loads of pieced fish, big and little. Her piecing was amazing. Very precise. She liked the swirly pattern, so I quilted that all over the blue, from edge to edge.

I'm impressed that these photos came out. I had to take pictures inside because of all the ice. They are better than I expected:)

I brought out my piece of clear plexiglass and tried several designs before I settled on this one. I wanted to make the fish look more 'real', rather than just echo the shapes. I quilted each one with a bright contrasting colored thread, adding some fins and then stitching in the ditch around the whole fish to keep it tacked down nicely.

I love the colors! This is such a bright and cheerful quilt! Thanks Erin!


  1. Wonderful job Laura. You turned my few words about water into lush swirls. I especially like the extra design work you did on the fish.

  2. cute baby quilt and neat swirly design. I like the details on the fish.