Monday, December 30, 2013

Jonnie's blue and cream quilt

Jonnie brought me this quilt, which we both agreed had a masculine look, and asked for grid quilting. Nothing floral or swirly she said.

I quilted the center with a grid pattern and then quilted a Greek key pattern on the outer border.

Thanks Jonnie!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tamoe's Christmas quilt and Myrtle's Present quilt

Tamoe asked for custom quilting on this beautiful Christmas quilt.

Her piecing is so precise! I used my white Magna Glide bobbins on this one. They are such a joy to quilt with. I only had red in Premo Soft, though, which isn't my favorite brand. I had to quilt the red with my Babylock. Sometimes the longarm needles put little runs in certain fabrics. George wasn't cooperating with this red, but my Jane quilted it beautifully. Strange how that happens! I even went with a smaller brand new needle on the George.

Myrtle asked for fancy quilting on this beautiful Christmas gift quilt she made for a friend. The fancier the better, she said.

I used the white Glide again and threw a few holly leaves into the mix.

Thanks Tamoe!

Thanks Myrtle!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Three more finishes

This is Brenda's first quilt that she made all by herself, no teachers involved. She wanted light quilting for everyday use.

I still do not have a ruler that has the correct angle for continuous curves, so these are all by hand. It is amazing how muscle memory kicks in after a while and the curves just seem to flow.

This baby quilt is for one of my high school friends. Her brother and his wife are having their first baby and she wanted a gender neutral quilt for them. The front has little bees and the back is owls.

Shirley finished this quilt for a friend. The colors give it a Tuscan theme. I used Aurifil variegated thread and quilted paisleys.

Thanks Brenda, Maria, and Shirley!