Monday, January 21, 2013

Fancy quilted table runner

I just finished one client quilt and needed another quick project of my own to experiment with. I decided on a table runner since they can be quilted heavily and aren't too large. I wanted to try some tighter designs that I have been collecting on Pinterest.

I fell in love with these Joel Dewberry fabrics online and ordered some. Of course, they don't go with any of my decor, but I couldn't resist. Love the birds!


You can see the quilting a lot better on the back. I happened to have some black linen that I had picked up cheap somewhere. How did I not know about black linen? It is wonderful for backing! I have used black cotton before and ended up with loads of little piece of batting poking through. I know I can solve this problem by using black polyester batting, but I really prefer cotton.

I didn't have a single bit of batting come up through this linen. It was great to work with. I'll definitely be using it for backing again!

I marked the perimeter lines with blue water soluble marker and put a couple of dots in to measure out the center design. I got the idea for the center design from Judi at Green Fairy Quilts.

Then I threw in a row of pearls because I think they look so amazing and it is never a bad thing to practice doing those. I put in some tight swirls for contrast and again, more practice. I had done these on another quilt and wanted to work on the consistency of the line and the spacing in between.

I have been dying to try out these Asian feathers from Carla Barrett's blog, Feathered Fibers. I had repinned them from pinterest, but I can't find them on her blog. They were so much fun! I had a little trouble in the inner corners, but I will definitely be using these again. Beautiful!

All I have to do now is repaint my kitchen gray. The light blue walls don't go with my new runner:)


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I usually do my 'molar feathers' with two bumps...might have to try it with three!

  2. Oh, for the love of fabric! I have made several things that don't really match my decor especially seasonal things. It is so much fun to use different fabrics.
    Your runner is fabulous and what a neat idea to use linen on the back.

  3. So beautiful. Can't wait to get another quilt completed and over to you. Got several baby quilts that need to happen.

  4. Children, Husband, Household, pets, guild, cooking, cleaning, blogging, researching on the net, knitting, piecing, designing, quilting, quilting & quilting... now honestly, do you sleep?
    I haven't been by your blog in a while. Amazing, inspirational and instructive. Well done.