Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crazy organized!

Very excited about my Connecting Threads delivery today. Carrie P. introduced me to these great affordable cotton threads, priced at only $2.49 for a 1200 yard spool! They are great to work with and are very smooth for machine quilting. Sure, there's a bit of lint, but it is not excessive and since I clean out the bobbin case every time I change the bobbin anyway, it doesn't give me any trouble. 

I was at Joann Fabrics the other day and used one of my 50% off coupons to buy another spool stand. My two little ones are almost filled up with Mettler threads. This thread is fine, but goodness! It is expensive. Convenient though, since Sewingly Yours sells them just up the road. My thought process is that I build up my stash of Connecting Threads cotton so I don't have to worry about matching a color or having enough of it.

I just had a quilt delivered and the best match I had for color was a burnt orange. Unfortunately, it was a single spool of Gutermann cotton, at only 110 yds each. That is definitely not going to complete a large wall hanging. Hence the reason I was at Joann's. There were 8 spools left of this color and I bought them all. In comparison, these were $2.05 each. So now the goal is to have enough large spools on hand, that I don't have this problem. And lots of color variety.

The only problem that I can see is that these Connecting Threads spools are not labeled other than the plastic on the outside when it arrives. After the first time you use it, there is no way to tell exactly which shade it is. This is my solution. The catalogue came with perfectly sized squares with a photo of the color and the corresponding number. I cut them all out and arranged them by color on my new stand.

Clear tape is great! Now, unless one of the kids overturns the stand, sending said thread flying across the kitchen, I know which one to reorder when I am about to run out. As you can see, there is plenty of space for more.

Feeling good. Thread organized, customer quilt pinned, laundry done, floors cleaned. I might tackle my son's room next, but I think I'm just going to join the kids on the couch for Harry Potter. Friday: spend the whole day quilting:)


  1. Great deal on the thread! It's always such a wonderful feeling to be organized. I would watch Harry Potter too. Love it!

  2. smart way to use their labels from the catalog.
    They probably need to rethink how they put their thread on the spool.

  3. Whata great solution! I know I've used CT threads before and when I needed more, I could not remember the name of the color!

  4. Thanks for visiting me. You do lovely work, and I absolutely love Carrie P.!!

    Happy Quilting.