Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wholecloth challenge - Take 1!

The quilting brain cells have been going around and around ever since I saw Lisa Calle's blog post about a wholecloth quilt challenge. You can find her post here. As you probably know, I really love wholecloth quilts. Mine should be on its way to the AQS Charlotte show as we speak. So the though of a mini wholecloth challenge was too much to resist.

The fabric mentioned for the challenge was Kaufman's Radiance, which is cotton with a bit of silk in it. I ordered online, picking this gold color. I was thinking Renaissance style, maybe gold with the gray silk thread I have left from the last wholecloth.

Designs, hm. I was thinking fancy, floral maybe? I started surfing the web for ideas and sketching out little bits here and there.

Then I bought the Handbook of Ornament by Meyers and pulled out this grid idea. I thought I might try feathers for practice. Maybe do a second quilt with a different floral design. I taped a few pieces of graph paper together to make sure I had all the lines in order and started my layout. I threw in a few pebbles so I wouldn't forget which group of lines were for pearls.

One of the great things about my new Millie is that the panto base makes a great light box. I taped my design down, popped a lamp underneath, and started tracing with a blue water soluble pen.

I will say this about Radiance, it isn't my favorite. I was going out on a limb here buying this fabric. Of course, after the purchase, I found out that you don't have to use this fabric. You can choose something else. Oh well. I'm not usually a fan of shiny fabric. I like my cottons and gritty looking linens. I tend to stick with a lot of blues, so again, out of my comfort zone. My silk gray thread was a little light, so I opted for a darker Glide thread. Close enough and still shiny.

I decided to go with my Pinmoors on this one. I had emailed Margaret Solomon Gunn about quilting on this fabric and she said to be careful with the pins. This fabric tends to run. So in addition to running, it is kind of like quilting on a slip. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but it does tend to shift. I had a hard time keeping my lines straight, both marking and quilting.

I'm glad I decided to quilt this on my domestic because I think I would have had trouble keeping it in place on my longarm. No floating for this fabric. It would definitely have to be pinned to both leaders.

All in all, it didn't come out too badly. It looks ornate. I'm not sure I'm happy with my feathers, well, definitely not happy with my feathers. The curves aren't right. Time to start checking them out online again to see how I need to fix them,

I quilted this in a couple of hours yesterday and I will say that my shoulders are killing me today. Out of practice on a domestic I think. The table was probably a bit high as well.

The funny thing is I think I like the back better. More my style. Trying to figure out what to bind it with. Any suggestions?

The good news is that I won a giveaway from Old Orchid Quilts. A nice layer cake with lots of blue. Yum! Can't wait to start cutting it up. Chevrons I think:)

Alice's train quilt

Alice made this adorable train quilt for her grandson. What a fun project to quilt! There wasn't a lot of fancy quilting on this one, mostly stitch in the ditch with a few embellishments. I think the trains say it all.

She even put his picture in as the conductor. How cute!

I did throw in some swirls on the outer border.

And I thought these straight lines looked a bit like railroad tracks.

Thanks Alice!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Doris' quilts

Doris brought me these two beautiful quilts.

The first one was light and summery.

I quilted straight lines in the sashing and a simple fill in the hummingbird block.

The second quilt was an applique quilt.

I had a lot of fun with the feathers and the background filler.

Thanks Doris!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas come early!

I've had my eye on the mailbox for a few days now, waiting for some fun goodies to arrive. They all came today, plus a surprise one. I wasn't expecting my Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine, but there it was. If you don't subscribe to this one and you are a quilter, I highly recommend it. It is full of great ideas and beautiful quilts by incredible quilters. Very inspiring:)

I've been looking forward to this new ruler as well. A friend of mine picked hers up for a steal ($3 at a local longarm 'garage' sale, sniff, sniff). So one side is for making clam shells. Not my favorite quilting design, but who knows. It is the swirl side that interests me. Can't  you see the feather stem calling out? It will be fun to test out the possibilities.

Here is another little gem I discovered on Pinterest. Someone had posted a pic of one of the pages and it got me thinking. The great thing is that the copyright is expired on this book and it is chocked full of great design ideas.

Thick too:) Here's a couple of pages to give you an idea of the great ideas in this book.

I'm in the middle of working through some wholecloth quilt designs and this book has endless possibilities.

There are some great border designs too.

Medallion centers maybe?

It isn't all design plates. There is a lot of text too, and some classical design plates, lions and columns and the like. But if you are into fancy quilting at all, this is a great resource. I got mine on Amazon, for the bargain price of $5, including shipping. Can't beat that!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More finishes

It's been a busy few weeks. I've done a lot of quilting, but not a lot of blogging. Here's what I've gotten accomplished.

The first one is Joey's chicken quilt.

Here is another one of Erin's beautiful quilts.

Simple quilting with feathers on the outer border.

Harlan's double wedding ring quilt.

Laurie's cute little house block. This one is going on her wall.

Thanks all!