Quilting services

Prices for quilting:

$0.02/square inch for pantographs and edge to edge designs

$0.04 custom quilting

$0.045 for heavily appliqued quilts

$5/seam to piece and prepare backing

$45 minimum

I carry a roll of 93" wide Dream Cotton Select batting for $0.35/linear inch and a 93" wide roll of Hobbs 80/20 for $0.025/linear inch.


  1. Is the batting price per square inch or per lineal inch?

  2. Linear inch. Thanks for spotting that:)

  3. Do you have some more information on your quilting service? Such as shipping and how long a wait time you have. Also do you have some designs to choose from?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, most of my customers are local, but I will ship UPS if needs be. Wait times vary, usually about 2-3 weeks to start quilting, and about a week or less to complete, depending on how dense the quilting is. The best way is to contact me to be sure. I have pantograph designs in-house, but I also do free motion edge to edge designs. If I'm working on a custom quilt, I have a clear plastic design board for auditioning designs. I take pictures of a possible design and send them to the client for their input. Thanks for asking