Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Debbie's double Irish chain

Debbie asked for custom quilting on this double Irish chain. Tight and lots of pebbles! She found a pin on Pinterest that she loved and asked if I could quilt that. 

Karen from Quilts on Bastings in Australia had quilted this and Debbie loved the design. I broke it up a little, alternating the pebble fill with stippling. 

If you want to know how I filled each grid with orange peels without stopping and starting, here you go. I would SID around the large blocks, starting at the top of the block, When I got to the bottom, I would start quilting in one direction and then bounce off the wall of the next large block. Then I would come back down.

When I reached my starting point, I would stitch up one block (the SID for the large block) and then go again. So by the time I reached the top, all the peels were done and the SID for the left side of the block was finished.

Thanks Debbie!