Friday, January 4, 2013

If you give a man a challenge...

I don't know how all this got started, but my youngest, who is 4, requested a tent of some sort for his bed tonight.

The next thing I know, my husband is rummaging around in the basement, sneaking past the doorway in the hopes that I won't see what he is up to:) After a while, I peeked into my son's room to see a 'cave' over his bed. My husband used the rejected legs of a previous homemade microwave stand to prop up the frame of a Papasan chair that has been sitting in the basement for years. Then he threw a quilt over the whole thing. My son is ecstatic! Oh, I have just been informed that it is not a cave, but a spaceship.

And of course, my middle daughter wants one too! What to do? Only one Papasan frame, hmm....

Apparently we have plenty of PVC pipe down there. Rachel now has a frame over her bed as well. I'm trying to keep her from putting her lamp in there. Must be time to break out the flashlights.

Now the oldest is jealous. She wants a tent too! Wonder what Steve will come up with next...


  1. Very cool and creative ideas. My daughter is 35, but when she was young - maybe 6 or so - they sold tents similar to what your husband made for your daughter, it was made with a fitted sheet on the bottom and had tent poles and covering and a zipper on the side.

  2. that is great. makes me smile at the kinds of things my kids built in their rooms like that.