Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finished Angel

The angel quilt is finished! All I have to do now is put a sleeve on the back. Trying to decide if I want to keep this one or see if I can sell it. I think I might hang it on my kitchen wall for a while. If Walmart can break out their Christmas stuff this early, why can't I do the same thing?

This is my rough copy of my quilting ideas. I was looking on Pinterest and saw a bunch of pins on McTavishing. Thought I would give it a try. I wanted to make the beams of light seem like they were coming from heaven, but I wanted to distinguish between the spaces, if that makes any sense. Didn't want two sets of swirls next to each other. Not sure if it isn't too busy as it is.

The start required some creative thinking. I had marked it out with blue water soluble pen, but after quilting everything but the star, I could see that it wasn't really showing up well. As most of the star is on the border, the quilting was being swallowed up in the background. And the star is the whole point, right? I ended up tracing the outline of the star on tracing paper and cutting it from white fabric. Once I had it pinned down well, I quilted along the outside edge and then starting filling in the space.

The blue backing fabric really highlights the silver metallic thread. I think I'll almost be sad to cover it up with a sleeve:)


  1. awesome job! Laura, your quilting is amazing.

  2. Wow! Great... Love how it turned out & the quilting is fabulous.. Your photos of the quilting are great too. It seems photographing quilting can be challenging, but yours are fabulous in MHO. B

  3. I've had a Christmas wall hanging up ALL year LOL. Yours is beautiful.