Thursday, September 27, 2012

Angel quilt

Ah, finally decided on the fabric for my angel quilt. I think it matches better than the other choices. Started quilting today. I was really on a roll too, until the silver thread ran out. That color is not really a staple for me. I think I have had this particular one since I started quilting and never really used it. It looks really great with the dark blue backing fabric. I was hoping to not have to go out again this week. I guess a trip to Joann's never goes amiss:) Darn:)

Well, my daughter wants me to make her a cape for Halloween, so the trip won't be in vain. She wants to be a super Pikachu, whatever that is. I think that means I get to make a cape and knitted hat (complete with Pikachu ears) and buy a yellow shirt. Can this all be done by the end of October? Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. I love Pikachu... have one sitting on my desk at work given to me by a young friend who was 10 years old..... He and I love a lot of the same movies. He is a budding graphic artist... what's not to love?
    Congrats on finding a fabric you like for the Angel wall hanging. I looked in stash, but didn't see anything I thought would work... so glad you found something.
    There is no doubt you'll complete the pikachu costume, and I imagine you'll also complete the sure-to-follow requests from your other lovely children.... Can't wait to see! B