Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Bazaar this weekend at Concord United Methodist in Lewisville

Two days to go! I'm really starting to get excited about the Fall Bazaar this weekend. It will be at Concord United Methodist Church in Lewisville October 6th from 8-2. The first fair I participated in was the Bloom Craft Fair at Redeemer Presbyterian. I had never done a fair before and I didn't really have a plan as far as presentation goes. The table was a long rectangle and I had to drape my wall hangings over the front of it. There wasn't really anywhere to hang a quilt. It was nerve racking to say the least. Every person that passed by had a coffee in their hands and everyone stopped to 'pet' the quilts. When the fair was over, I found a coffee stain on one of my quilts! Not good! So this is my solution:

I picked up two square poles from Home Depot and a piece of wood laid out by the street. My husband obligingly sawed it in half for me. Out with the drill and the paint, and voila! I've got 5 curtain rods hanging near the top, so at least people can browse through without spilling anything on the quilts. Of course I have too many to hang, so the small ones can go on the table. Hopefully out of immediate dripping range.

My next great find was a $5 coat rack from Goodwill, brown and very ugly. I painted this white as well and bought some hanging basket hardware. Now I have a place to hang all my bags and scarves.

Knitting is my second love, and I absolutely LOVE making cute little hats. My 3 year old has decided he wants each one so I'm going to have to sneak them out of the house on Saturday. I looked online for hat stands, but goodness sakes! How much?! Back to the craft store. Styrofoam 6 inch balls are fairly reasonable. Don't get the shiny ones though. They shed sparkly stuff. The smooth ones are the best bet.

Christmas stockings are fun too. I made an elf shoe for my tomboy, a high heel (is there any other kind?) for my girly girl, and the stereotypical boot for the boy. They all have the stamp of approval so I made some more to sell. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow! These all look great, and I love your creative displays. I hope you get some quilting business! My plan is to come tomorrow. Good luck! b

  2. oh, those hats are so cute, and a great way to display your quilts so they don't get coffee spilled on them again.