Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPhone cases

This is yet another amazing Pinterest find. Amy Friend has a blog called During Quiet Time and she has posted a great iPhone cover tutorial. It is very simple to make, but super stylish and has a nicer feel than the hard covers you buy in stores.

This tutorial is for personal use only, but I contacted her and received permission to make some covers for the next craft fair I am participating in.

This is the one I made for myself:

The beige fabric is linen and is very soft. The purple fabric I got from a child's dress that I bought at a second hand store. It was too small for my daughter, but I couldn't bear to get rid of that gorgeous fabric. The dark blue loop on the side was cut from a fabric belt that came with a pair of shorts I bought. I managed to scrounge up a key ring and then appropriated one of the clips from my child's water bottle, and voila! I LOVE this cover. I just hook it to the belt buckle on my jeans and then head off to the bus stop with my son and my little dog.

Here are some of the covers I made with my scrap fabric today. They will be available at the Bloom Craft Fair at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem on November 10th from 10-4.
Thanks so much Amy for your wonderful pattern!


  1. Good luck at the fair! I hope they sell well.

  2. those are great Laura, I think those will sell quickly.
    I read Amy's blog. She is very talented.
    I noticed you stopped by and left a comment on my fmq. I will still want you to do quilts for me, for sure!!!