Monday, September 17, 2012

How I got started

So 6 years ago I was passing through Berlin, Ohio, the heart of Amish country and I saw a sign advertizing Amish quilts for 50% off. It suddenly occured to me that I would love an Amish quilt. Of course, back then, I couldn't tell a handstitched quilt from a hole in the wall. I found a nice queen-sized quilt that had a simple pattern and a price I could afford. I brought it home, thinking I had an authentic Amish quilt, and realized it had a TAG! That was the first sign of my ignorance. The second was that it wasn't even made in the USA. Three guesses as to where: China, of course.

Horribly ashamed, I had a better look at the stitching, which wasn't even straight, and figured I could do a better job myself. At that point, the only time I had wielded a needle was for cross stitch. I headed off to the library and checked out every quilting book I could find. My daughter was only 2 at the time and very much in love with her stuffed rabbit, so the first quilt I tackled was a toddler sized one with rabbits in the blocks. So then I discovered the joys of Steam-a-Seam and did a credible job of zig-zagging them on afterward. The problem came when I tried to line up the borders. I think I must have ripped out the seams several times before they came into alignment. I was sold! Who knew quilting could be so much fun! I've never looked back:)

My huband obliged me by holding the quilt up. My daughter was overjoyed with the bunnies.

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  1. wow! that is great for your first quilt. I really like the background fabric for the rabbits. Your daughter is adorable.