Friday, September 27, 2013

Name change

This is the free clip art photo I have on my business cards. As most of my work is quilting and not crafting, I'm thinking of changing my name from Tanderwen Crafts to Tanderwen Quilts (or Studio Tanderwen).

I'm not quite sure how this will affect my followers, but it looks like I can change it simply through blogger. Maybe give the whole page a face lift as well.

Any thoughts? Would you like to see this blog stay Tanderwen Crafts or change it up? Help? Feeling a little indecisive!

I'd like to keep the Tanderwen, which means 'under the oak tree' in Welsh, but change up the second part. Maybe find a new, more modern looking tree. I found some really great ones on some Vista business cards. Wonder if I could get that motif on my blog as well? Hm......


  1. Great things are always afoot a your place... I like the change!

  2. I like the new name and new look. Maybe you can figure out how to put the tree on your header.

  3. Love the new look and name! Seems like a great evolution to me!