Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jonnie's Christmas quilt

Jonnie asked for a pantograph type edge to edge on this quilt. She found this free pattern and sent me a link, thinking that the ornaments could be linked with loops or something.

 I wasn't too sure I could free hand the pattern and get the ornament spacing just right. It is kind of hard to see the bigger picture when all you see is the part of the quilt that is right in front of you. I wanted the ornaments to be spaced perfectly, so I printed the sheet and traced the ornaments about a 1/4" smaller onto some cardboard. Then I cut them out and marked the outlines with a Frixion pen.

This pattern wasn't as closely quilted as I'm used to (I tend to quilt small), so I put my pins inside the ornaments so I wouldn't have to remove them while quilting. Keep everything well in place and all that:)

I did break down and buy one of those Kwik Klips. A friend had recommended them. She said if I was a pin baster, I wouldn't regret it. I was a little wary. Ever see one? It is a wooden handle with a grooved brass tip. I was thinking it might be a little cumbersome, but I went ahead and got one anyway. Figured it couldn't hurt:) Who am I kidding? This thing is amazing! What have I been doing killing my fingers all these years? It feels a little weird holding it in my left hand. My right hand figures it should be the one with the tool:) So I slip a pin in with my right hand, and this Kwik Klip is an extension of my left. It takes all the brunt and saves my nails. Brilliant!

You can just make out the ornaments on the back of the quilt, all looped together in a long string.

Thanks Jonnie!


  1. Beautiful quilt and lovely, fun quilting.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Great job-I've never bought one of those and have a really sore finger tip at the moment in fact thanks to pin basting. Maybe I will have to try it.

  3. you did a good job figuring out how to put the ornaments together. I have one of the pin basters and love it. It makes pinning much easier.

  4. That's great!

    I have heard of that tool, but haven't yet felt enough pain to try it. I did some pin basting today and stuck the pins in without closing them and then went back and closed them all at once. (I even employed the hubby to open the pins for me as he pulled them out of their jar.)