Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jonnie's Christmas wreath quilt

Jonnie made this quilt for her upcoming class at Sew Original. Love the applique! Her stitches are totally invisible!

She asked for custom quilting and sent me a link with a photo of the pattern for purchase. It had lots of fancy quilting.

I managed to replicate the little feathery design in the corner by sketching it out on paper and going over the design with a black Sharpie.

I laid it under the white fabric before pinning and traced it on with a Frixion pen. Then I figured out how to quilt the little squares without having to cut the thread. Turns out if you start the diagonal line from the corner, you can quilt the large square, continue the diagonal, quilt the small square, and then finish the diagonal to the opposite corner. Does that make any sense?

There was a semi-complicated swirl pattern on the outer border, but I wasn't seeing how the lines all flowed together. It looked like a panto of some sort. I made up my own swirl to compliment the space.

Small intricate quilts are so much fun. Thanks Jonnie!