Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Carrie's quilt

Carrie brought me another of her amazing applique quilts. Just realizing how much this photo does not do it justice.

Carrie prefers cotton thread and I just happened to have a small cone of light pink Aurifil. I had used the 40wt Aurifil from the bigger cones with no trouble. Day 1: no trouble/perfect tension. Day 2: skipping stitches, bad tension, and thread breakage. What the hey?!

I tried everything. I changed my needle. I turned my needle just a bit. Maybe it wasn't aligned right. I adjusted the bobbin tension. I adjusted the top tension. I cleaned out the lint from the bobbin area. I checked the bobbin itself for lint. I checked the tension discs for lint. I sent two longarmmers emergency help requests. They suggested all the things I had thought of. We were all stumped.

Then, as I was test quilting on a sample piece, I glanced over a the cone and realized that the thread was pulling off the cone unevenly. There would be little jumps, which led to breakage and skipped stitches. Only problem, I don't have a horizontal thread holder on my George. Solution? Turn the whole thing on its side and stick the end into a leftover piece from my design wall. Back to perfect tension, yay!

Did I mention that longarms are finicky? Goodness sakes!

It was smooth sailing the rest of the way, thank goodness. Don't think I could take any more of that stress!

Isn't this squirrel adorable?

This one is my favorite. I love that bunny with his sweet little puffy tail.

Thanks Carrie! I had to keep stopping to admire the perfect appliqued curves.


  1. Lovely quilting, it really highlights the applique!

  2. you took some great photos of your AWESOME quilting! I love what you did. Thanks!!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous quilting Laura!! Great pix of Carrie's gorgeous applique. You two are the perfect team. Love all the stitching, specifically your back fill, wonderful!
    Great fix with the thread spool :0) Had to laugh, you should see some of the weird contraptions I've rigged up on my longarm, they are finicky!

  4. Unbelievably gorgeous quilt and quilting, You have taken an already spectacular quilt to the statosphere with this level of quilting, Laura. It is the ultimate combination of outstanding workmanship! Bravo!!

  5. Oh so lovely! Carrie is a master of applique and your quilting makes this sing!

    And yes, these delightful machines are very particular, they want thing their way!