Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holly's quilt

My sister Holly asked me if I would make a quilt for her. Her husband has cancer and he has been sleeping on a twin bed in the guest room. She wanted to get a queen bed for that room and brighten it up with a nice quilt. She gave me a bag of fabric that she liked and asked for a chevron pattern.

I decided to practice my feathers on the white strips. Feathers are a bit intimidating at first, but I am really starting to like them now. I have found that they shape up better if I start from the bottom.

Then I quilted a paisley swirl on the blue strips.

And regular swirls on the pink strips.

Then I cut strips from the leftover blues for the binding. All in all, it turned out great! It ended up being 90 x 91 and I managed to get it all into my little domestic machine. And the best part is that Holly loves it. Good times all around:)