Saturday, June 29, 2013

Annette's phone quilt

Annette always challenges me to new heights when it comes to quilting. She brought me this colorful quilt that she made for the pre-teen daughter of a friend. The first thing she said was that she wanted cell phones in the pink squares. I though, mm hm, right. Sure! 

In the meantime I was wondering how on earth I was going to pull that one off. It was the keyboard that concerned me. As you know, quilting involves the creative use of continuous lines, and keyboards with letters on them defy that concept. As luck would have it, I googled cell phone images and a schematic of this one came up. I was even able to put it into Paint and re size it and print. I simply cut out the image, traced it with a Frixion pen (oh do I love those), and drew in the rest of the lines. Voila! Cell phone image extraordinaire. Can you see how proud I am of this accomplishment? ;)

Annette also asked for text messaging abbreviations in the bright green triangles. I'm not a huge texter myself, and I am pretty ignorant about all of these abbreviations. I was amazed, and horrified about the variety of text message abbreviations to be found on the Internet. I mean, seriously, who uses some of these things! Anyway, I took the more appropriate ones, and hopefully more common, and quilted them in cursive.

I didn't want to cover up these adorable silhouettes with quilting, so I echoed the shapes to make them stand out more.

Thanks Annette!


  1. Wonderful job, Laura; and oh, so creative! I am happy that I got to see this one in person, my hat's off to you!

  2. Thanks Laura ... amazing as usual. You never disappoint!