Friday, June 7, 2013

Annette's black and white and yellow quilt

Annette made this bright and cheerful quilt for her daughter. She wanted a simple pattern, lines back and forth, kind of like the lines on the squiggly ball fabrics.

The solid squares and circles and rectangles are fused on, so I simply outlined them.

Here's the back. It is a lot easier to see the quilting  on this side.

Thanks Annette!


  1. Perfect! No need to over-quilt (which I am known to do!)

  2. Laura, Thank you for doing this quilt. I am your biggest fan. I think you know this by now. Can't wait to see my daughter's (not sister) face. She will love this. Also can't wait to be able to post to FB.

    Yellow is her favorite color. I love how the quilting turned out. I knew I was right in allowing you to do what you thought best. Love it!

  3. what a neat pattern and the quilting is just right.