Monday, May 6, 2013


So yesterday, my husband looks out of the kitchen window and says, "There's a rabbit out there!" We have lived here almost 10 years, and I have we've only seen bunnies in our yard once. It didn't end well. Out dog Murphy, is a killer of small things, and he discovered quite the taste for fresh rabbit.

I went out, thinking to get a closer look and then scare the thing away. Bunnies are cute, but I'm not willing to share my garden OR my flowers with them. Then next thing I know, there's another one! A teeny baby bunny munching happily in the grassy path.

This one was even cuter! No matter, they still have to go. We brought the kids out to help scare the bunnies away, but they went to ground.

So what do I see this morning, finishing off the last leaves of my crocuses?! The big bunny is back!Grrrrr... That's it! Release the hounds! Useless beasts:) Murphy caught the scent, but those rabbits are fast! With some fancy maneuvering, it managed to evade capture. Not five minutes later, it was back it the same spot.

Jacob is out there now, in his boots and raincoat, on a rabbit hunt. I hope he succeeds:)


  1. You only have 2 bunnies--lucky you! I've seen 2 large rabbits and a smaller one so far this season, but it's the chipmunks that are burrowing into every corner of the yard. They look cute but I will not be happy if they find their way into the crawlspace under this house. And who knows what flower bulbs or roots they might find tasty. Erin

  2. We've lived in our rural locale for almost 12 years and never have seen a rabbit, too many hawks I suppose. I share your loathing of rabbits with the herds of squirrels that reside at our place... I only wish our hawks would develop a taste for squirrel meat. ;)

  3. oh, those little stinkers. keep your dogs out all the time and maybe they will keep them from eating all your veggies.
    We had a bad problem with them last spring.