Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Annette's charity quilt

Boy am I behind on my posts! I looked at my little red book and counted the quilts that I've done since the last guild meeting (about 5 weeks ago). I've quilted 14 quilts since then! And two of them had to be bound:)

Annette called me up and asked if I could fit in this charity quilt. It is a lap-size quilt. She didn't want it quilted too heavily.

I love the way that groups of blocks are 'framed'. I decided to take each framed block as a single unit. I quilted a long curvy line down the center like I would if I was starting a feather, then I added some swirls off of each side and echoed the whole thing. No marking involved:)

Then I quilted some swirls in the white background and curvy line in each of the 'frames'.

Thanks Annette!