Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Betsy's quilts

Betsy found 3 antique quilt tops that her grandmother made and was looking for someone to compete them. This first quilt was machine pieced.

I stitched these curves up and down the blocks without a ruler. I love how it looks like circles around each shape.

The second quilt was a really cute pink and green basket quilt. I didn't want to over quilt the blocks so I just stitched in the ditch around the design and put a little diamond-type shape in each basket.

I stitched swirls in the sashing and filled in the green with feathers.

I was a little scared about the outer border. Note the HUGE ruffles in the photo above. What on earth was I going to do about that? The whole quilt is hand stitched and for some reason the outer border was extremely ruffled.

I had planned to do the same swirly design as in the sashing, but the thought of stitching loads of bumpy pleats into the swirly design didn't sound appealing. This straight line design is very forgiving of ruffly outer borders. It worked pretty well. And every now and again I folded the lump neatly into a pleat and sewed it down into the design. Nice and flat now:)

One more bed-sized quilt to go and then a bunch of blocks to sew together into a lap quilt.

Thanks Betsy!


  1. Great job on both! Love how you tamed that border, it looks amazing!

  2. you are a genius. good thinking. Love how you did the feathers in the green part.