Friday, December 7, 2012

Adele's quilt

Adele made a neat labyrinth wall quilt for her son. She wanted straight lines to emphasize the pattern.

Having worked so closely with this quilt, I was surprised to see it from a distance. You can really see the labyrinths in this photo.

I started with the walking foot, thinking it would be easier for straight lines. I had measured and marked them all beforehand with a Frixion pen, but I found I kept swerving off the lines without realizing it. I'm used to the free motion foot, not the large, over cumbersome walking foot. I took it right off, and popped my familiar free motion foot back on. It was definitely a challenge to keep the lines straight and the stitching even, but I learned a few tricks to help myself.
Another challenge was the border. I thought about continuing the straight lines all around, but I wanted something that would fit with the labyrinth feel, without detracting from the rest of the quilt. I found this Chain Squares pattern in Angela Walters book, Free-Motion Quilting, and switched it up a bit by alternating squares and rectangles.

Two of the corners were going to be cut off, so I stitched in some triangles.

Thanks Adele!


  1. such a cool quilt Adele made. the straight lines are perfect for that quilt. well done.

  2. Laura. I am so pleased with my quilt. You did a fabulous job - much more elaborate and detailed than I expected. Your quilting really enhanced the design. I know my son will love it.