Monday, March 3, 2014

Double minky!

My friend Debbie gave Beth my number when she was looking for a quilter. Beth brought me these two pieces of minky to put together. She wanted a little more variety than just straight lines.

We decided on a swirly paisley floral design to match the design on the pink minky. I've quilted a baby quilt with minky on the back, but not on both sides. It was a little cumbersome to quilt, but not too bad. This is definitely one of those kind of quilts that you start quilting from the middle and work your way out. Preferably using a large design. Precision quilting probably wouldn't work too well, at least on a domestic machine.

The quilting really sunk in on the pink side. It ends up as a cool kind of echo of quilting. When I was growing up, my grandparents had this light beige carpet that you could 'draw' on. I would take my finger and make a circle on the carpet and it would stay there as a definite design. This reminded me of that.

But it showed up great on the back. And so soft! Love this stuff!

Thanks Beth!

And thanks Debbie for the referral:)


  1. Neat. did you have any problems with the minky sliding around?

  2. It's wonderful... so happy this worked out, I just love the quilted design; well done!