Sunday, March 16, 2014

Babyville Boutique Snap Pliers review

A friend of mine asked me if I would make her some bibs for her new baby. She had bought some bibs for the last baby and she absolutely loved them. They were kind of a thick vinyl and they had a bunch of plastic snaps so you could make a little pouch at the bottom to catch the crumbs. Hers were wearing down and she couldn't find the same kind anywhere.

I have never used these plastic snaps. I did try the metal ones, but they don't seem very sturdy and I've had a few come out. And who enjoys sewing velcro on bibs?

Joann Fabrics sells PUL fabric for making diapers, and they sell the Snap Pliers as well. I thought I would give them a try.

My first bib went wonderfully. Impressed with myself, I went to snap it and realized that I had put the snaps on the wrong way. I didn't realize there were two different flat pieces. The good news here is that once these snaps are on, they aren't coming off. And I do mean that literally. Nothing short of a pair of scissors is going to do the trick.

Included in the pack of snaps are 3 different pieces: a flat piece with a spike on it like a plastic tack (not pictures here), and two flat ones. Make sure you have one of each of these, male and female as it were. Otherwise they will look pretty and not snap together.

So now that you have your snaps lined up, you take the awl and poke a hole through your fabric where you want the snap. All the way through, mind you.

 Poke your plastic tack piece through so you can see the plastic popping up through the other side.

Pop your flat piece on top and then use the pliers to smoosh them together. The tack piece will go in the little black part of the pliers. Don't be afraid to give it a good squeeze.

In case you are wondering how the whole process works, here is a photo of the inside of the clear part of the pliers. The 'sharp' part of the tack goes through the flat piece and then gets squished inside so it won't go back through.

See, this baby is on good!

Here's the bib with all the snaps on.

 When it is all snapped up, you can see the crumb catching pouch at the bottom.

All in all, I give this product a thumbs up! They go for $19.95 at Joanns, with a pack of snaps around $10. I used my 40% off coupon. Well worth the money. Way better than hammering at the metal ones. I'm a happy customer.


  1. Stopped by from A Passion for Applique, and am I ever glad I did!! What a great post and a super bib!!

  2. cool! probably easier than sewing snaps on by hand which I did recently.

  3. Perfect! Snap Pliers will definitely make everything easy especially when you are working on baby bibs. No more sewing snaps on hand! Cute bib and nice post.