Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow days = 3 more finishes

My friend Sarah sent me this quilt all the way from Austria. She lives there now and she asked me if I could repair this quilt that her grandmother made. It was in poor shape and had a lot of large rips that couldn't be easily fixed. I thought about patching it here and there on the top, but as you can see, there is a definite pattern here and it would be difficult to match these vintage fabrics. Shirley suggested putting something on the underside. Brilliant!

(And, by the way, this snow pic is a tribute to Tamarack Shack. She lives in Canada and always takes these amazing snow photos of her quilts. We finally had enough snow for me to have a go at it. Of course, the second it stopped snowing and I brought the quilt outside, nice fat drops of snow were melting off of the trees! I managed to take 2 quick pics, but you can see that the drops show up nicely on the quilt, grrrr!)

I ended up putting muslin under the entire quilt and quilting 4 layers together. That way, any soon to be rips, would still be concealed.

I decided to quilt straight lines, even though some of the seams were uneven. There were a lot of very thin seams that looked like they could split at any time, so in the ditch wasn't really an option. I ended up creating a 1/2" channel around each seam, so even if they do open up a bit, all the blocks will still be firmly sewn in place.

Sarah did understand the fragile state of this quilt, but it holds a great deal of sentimental value to her. Hopefully it will now last many more years to come:)

The next quilt is Della's. She asked for a simple edge to edge design to hold this lap quilt together.

And Pat brought me this adorable little sea life baby quilt. I quilted it with my favorite wavy line pattern, only horizontally this time to give it more of an ocean wave feel

Thanks Sarah, Della and Pat!


  1. You have been busy. Great idea for the old quilt. Glad it worked out too.
    Great quilts you worked on. I love taking quilt photos on the snow. The look so pretty.

  2. Love the snow photo, wonderful! The hexagon quilt and the "under the sea" quilt are pretty terrific too!