Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doris and Jonnie's quilts

Doris brought me this beautiful table runner that she had hand embroidered. She had planned on hand quilting it, but the Dresden plates were too thick to get her needle through. She asked for crosshatching on the plate blocks and she mentioned that she loved feathers, but she left the rest to me.

I marked all of the cross hatching with my blue pen. I could probably have done it with my ruler, but I would rather have it all marked out in advance, rather than realize I was off later and have to pull out stitches.

 I outlined the plates and stitched around the center circle and just inside a few of the lines to hold it down.

See how small and intricate her embroidery is? Beautiful! Sometimes a quilt comes to me and it reminds me of how much faith my customers are putting in me. That someone has spent so much time on a quilt top and then brings it to me to finish can be a very humbling experience. A bit daunting too! Thanks everyone for all your trust in me!

Jonnie brought me this baby quilt and asked for balls to be quilted on it. In keeping with the whole sport theme, of course:)

This is always easier with a panto, but my circle rulers are great for marking off balls. I used my chalk pencil and cut out a football template and started spacing out the shapes. Then I quilted little loops to connect them all.

I think the footballs are my favorite.

Thanks Doris!
Thanks Jonnie!


  1. Oh! my goodness! Laura that table runner is just gorgeous. I love cross hatching in a quilt. Wonderful how you did the feathers on the triangle part of the runner.

  2. I love all your works Fantastic !!!
    Grit from Germany