Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chris' Christmas wall hanging

I had a lot of fun with this one! Chris brought me some bright Christmas colored embroidery thread and let me have free reign on designs. Woo hoo! I got to do all sorts of fun tight quilting:)

Here's my 'design board'. This piece of plexiglass is amazing. I put some masking tape around the edges so I wouldn't draw over onto any quilts by accident. Then I used a wet erase marker to try out different ideas while the plexiglass is on the quilt. Dry erase markers are too risky because they rub off easily. Wouldn't want to mark anything I shouldn't!

I texted the pic to Chris and she decided to make one little change. The maze-like design around the pinwheel block was changed to a stipple to flow better with the rest of the quilt. You can see where I just drew over the lines:)

The overall stippled worked out well since both of the above blocks seem to flow together.

Pebbles, yay! I changed up the sizes for variety in the light background. The 'arrows' were a bit more challenging design-wise. I finally decided to start from the middle and do a floral design that works outwards.

Again pebbles (or maybe they are called pearls if they go in a straight line). I'm getting better at quilting straight pearls. They look amazing when they are done, but I still break out in a cold sweat going into them:) Got to keep those circles nice and even, and, of course, end up just right for the corners. So cool!

I really liked this design for the pinwheels as well. The leaves in between the feathers break it up a bit and give it variety. Really like how the feathers turned out. Maybe they aren't so scary after all:)

Thanks Chris!


  1. I do believe you hit this one out of the ball park, BRAVO!!!!!

  2. You just amaze me! Well done. I really like what you did in the pinwheel block too.

  3. The more I look at the finished work I realize these photos don't do it justice, you made my work look great!!! Thanks again, Chris