Friday, November 21, 2014

Petra's baby quilt

Check it out! I actually got to make a quilt from start to finish. And I had a great excuse. My friend Petra is having a little girl at the end of December. I had been thinking I would work on this gift over Christmas break, but I got a text about a baby shower this month!

Panic! Two weeks to get this quilt done! In between quilting and kids and housework (who needs that). I got some inside info from her older daughter about colors. Gray and yellow are the colors she really likes. I was inspired by Talk of the Town's Sea Glass pattern.

So I got to go fabric shopping AND give hand applique a go. I had a Downtown Abbey marathon and sewed these leaves on. It took me the whole of season 4! Now you know why I'm a quilter and not an appliquer, lol.

My original idea was fancy quilting, but since it was a baby quilt, I didn't want it to be too stiff. I decided to go with wavy lines. Simple, modern, fun!


  1. Fun it is, you nailed it... simple and modern too; it's absolutely wonderful in every way, what a lucky baby!
    You, my friend, are amazing!

  2. I love it. Everything about it is great-colours, pattern and the quilting. Congratulations on the hand applique

  3. It is just perfect and I love that it is completely untraditional for a baby quilt.

  4. you've done a wonderful job with this quilt - such a lucky mother and child