Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jackie's quilts

Here is Jackie's Feather Fancy quilt. I just love this one. It is so fun and cheerful!

This quilt was made from the pattern called Boo Hollow. The hand applique on this is amazing! I tried my hand at applique this weekend, and I have a much better appreciation for the skill and time that goes into these projects.

I filled in this yellow empty space with a boiling cauldron.

Hey, check it out! Flying geese bats! So fun! Some are facing up.

And the others are hanging upside down.

I like the way the quilting on the hat looks like folds in the fabric.

Thanks Jackie!


  1. Flying geese bats; so creative and wonderful! I love both of these quilts; you have waved your magic quilting wand over both of them with stellar results!