Monday, July 13, 2015

Kelly's Asian quilt

I had a lot of fun quilting Kelly's Asian quilt. All she asked for was custom. She left the rest to me.

I had to break out the invisible thread on this one. I don't tend to use invisible thread much. I know quilters who swear by it and always use it for stitch in the ditch work. I usually just match background colors, but the fabrics were different enough on the outer fans that I was afraid the thread would show up too much.

I happened to have a cone of Magnifico gold thread that I got with my APQS George. I have been waiting for just the right quilt and it was perfect for this!

Thanks Kelly!


  1. A stunning quilt - I love your quilting, the kind of large McTavishing filler is great :)

  2. Stunning quilting work, beautiful quilt, love it.

  3. Your quilting is beautiful! I love Magnifico gold on Asian quilts. I love other colors of Magnifico on batiks too. It is great thread.