Monday, September 8, 2014

Catching up!

The house quilt was fun, but it took a little bit longer than I had anticipated. So now I'm playing catch up. I'm also trying to figure out a better way to photograph these quilts. My lighting is great. It hangs over my machine, but it isn't very helpful when it comes to photographing quilts. The light should come from the side, not directly overhead.

So with Jonnie's quilt, I tried an experiment. I used my long magnets to secure one end of the quilt to the frame and then across to the table, hoping that the light would shine nicely across the side for photography. What do you think? Any better? I haven't been very satisfied with my pictures lately.

Loving these feathers. The dark beige thread looks like gold on the darker fabric.

Feathers fill this star in nicely.

Chris asked for custom work on this baby quilt for another grand baby.

I cross hatched the star and then quilted feathered swirls so that the heart motif would really stand out.

The line of swirls in the white border is always a great design for smaller borders. Chris asked for feathers in the outer border. I added a little center to each of the feathers. They kind of remind me of tongues, lol.

Tomoe brought me this white log cabin wall hanging and asked for custom work. I was standing there staring at it, wondering what on earth I would quilt over these perfectly pieced log cabin blocks. I was thinking something circular to contrast all those straight lines. Then I started thinking about rain drops in a pond. I used my set of solid circle rulers and borrowed a nesting set from my friend Debbie. Thanks Debbie!

I think I prefer the solid ones. Those nesting ones are really hard to manage as they get bigger. Mine only go up to 8" and Debbie went a few inches bigger than that. I'm wondering if I could switch over to the curved rulers I got from Renae Haddadin if I already have a set of smaller established circles to build on. Then I could just expand the circles even further that way.

And in case you are wondering, I did not stop and start every circle. I started with the outermost circle and worked inward, using the seam lines to sneak across to the next circle. You can see it on the back, but it is practically invisible on the front. When I got to my smallest circle ruler, I had to freehand the small circle and then swirl it down to the smallest bit.

Thanks Jonnie, Chris and Tomoe!


  1. Beautiful quilting! Very creative use of your circle templates. I agree your sneaking in a seam is invisible. Very cool.

  2. Beautiful quilting in all the three quilts! And very clever sneaking, thanks for a good idea :)

  3. So that is the quilt that Jonnie was working on. YOu both did a fabulous job. I love the colors of her quilt.
    Oh,that baby quilt is so sweet. And lovin' Tomoe's quilt.

  4. These quilts are full of awesome quilting! My favorite quote from the movie "Mr. Deeds": "I fear you underestimate the sneakiness..." that's the way I feel about the clever ingenuity on your part gettting from circle to circle; brilliant!

  5. You asked about your photography, so here's my 2c worth! I love all your close up photos, which show off your quilting fabulously. To show the whole quilt, you might consider some sort of temporary hanging system. You could also just pull that left side a bit more, so they are flatter for your current set up. I love seeing your quilting, so thanks for all your photos.

  6. They all are really nicely done.