Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tomoe's Mexican star and some pantos

This is the second Mexican star that I have quilted. The last one was done on George and wasn't quite this detailed. Tomoe asked for custom quilting.

Love how these feathers turned out!

Here is another one of those mystery quilts.

This one was also quilted with the Feathered Curl panto.

Sharon asked for a modern look on this baby quilt.

I used the Bauhaus panto, which is very modern and looks amazing on these type of quilts.


  1. Well done! Not everyone can make delicate feathers for an elegant quilt, and yet still pick a completely appropriate design to compliment the modern aesthetic. Your free-motion selections fit each style of quilt very well.

  2. Wow. They all are just fabulous.

  3. tomoe shared her quilts at modern quilt therapy. it was pretty.