Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tomoe's city quilt

Tomoe brought me this amazing quilt that she made using the blocks in Tula Pink's book during one of Lee Monroe's classes.. Tomoe picked black and white fabric for hers and she graded it so one corner is lighter and it gets darker and you go down to the opposite corner.

She asked for custom quilting that would echo the shading. So I divided the quilt in half. One side is quilted with light gray thread and the other half is quilted with dark gray.

The bubbly outer feathers are complimented by free floating individual feathers in the sashing.

Isn't that mountain fabric amazing!

I also love this dog fabric. Too cute!

I have also finished a couple of edge to edge patterns in the last couple of weeks. An all-over swirl as seen above.

And some feathers.

Thanks all!


  1. Wonderful as usual Laura. I think that's actually the Tula Pink Sampler quilt but her blocks are great in the neutrals.

  2. Nice!! The book is by Tula Pink:)

  3. That Tomoe is so talented as are you. Love what you did on her quilt.
    Neat pantos too. The feather one is really neat.

  4. Tomoe is super talented; I agree with Carrie... you two are quite a team! Well done!! I just love your panto designs too!

  5. Wow and more wow. That black and white quilt is just stunning.