Monday, June 23, 2014

Christmas come early!

I've had my eye on the mailbox for a few days now, waiting for some fun goodies to arrive. They all came today, plus a surprise one. I wasn't expecting my Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine, but there it was. If you don't subscribe to this one and you are a quilter, I highly recommend it. It is full of great ideas and beautiful quilts by incredible quilters. Very inspiring:)

I've been looking forward to this new ruler as well. A friend of mine picked hers up for a steal ($3 at a local longarm 'garage' sale, sniff, sniff). So one side is for making clam shells. Not my favorite quilting design, but who knows. It is the swirl side that interests me. Can't  you see the feather stem calling out? It will be fun to test out the possibilities.

Here is another little gem I discovered on Pinterest. Someone had posted a pic of one of the pages and it got me thinking. The great thing is that the copyright is expired on this book and it is chocked full of great design ideas.

Thick too:) Here's a couple of pages to give you an idea of the great ideas in this book.

I'm in the middle of working through some wholecloth quilt designs and this book has endless possibilities.

There are some great border designs too.

Medallion centers maybe?

It isn't all design plates. There is a lot of text too, and some classical design plates, lions and columns and the like. But if you are into fancy quilting at all, this is a great resource. I got mine on Amazon, for the bargain price of $5, including shipping. Can't beat that!


  1. Don't you love getting fun stuff in the mailbox? That book is pretty neat. I am sure you will end up using lots of the designs in your quilts.

  2. Oh, dear :) I had to go buy this book, and that led to browsing all the new releases in movies & Tv. . . ::sigh:: ;D

  3. Wow. I want that book too. Off to go add it to my list.