Friday, May 2, 2014


It feels like Christmas today! But first have a look at my first panto. Erin brought me this gorgeous quilt. Doesn't it just remind you of Hawaii?

She picked the Daisy Swirl pantograph. Wow, these things are amazing! What have I been missing all this time? This was a great panto to start with and so much fun to quilt.

Thanks Erin!

I still can't get over how much easier it is to quilt on this Millenium. Loving it! So I hit the jackpot today. Patsy Thompson, who bought my George (incidentally renamed Georgette, heheh), had sent me an email saying she was sending me something. She had had it for a while and thought it would be perfect for me. Hm, I was wondering what it could be....

Can you believe it?! She must have read my frustrated review about the fusible web. Patsy has sent me a roll of Lite Steam-a-Seam 2!!!!

Look at the size of this roll! It is a good 24" wide. Enough to keep me art quilting for a decade:) Amazing! This stuff is like gold. I'm feeling over the moon right now. Thanks so much Patsy!


  1. Beautiful quilt and quilting!

  2. Love E's quilt, does look tropical, nice job!!!

  3. Beautiful quilting! Nice score on the fusible web, too; you're a lucky gal... enjoy! :)

  4. Whoo hoo for you! I'm glad that you are loving your new machine. I'm wishing for a new one too. Hopefully soon.