Monday, April 14, 2014

Kim's quilt

Kim's father gave her this antique quilt top that he found in his mother's things after she passed. She said he didn't remember her ever working on it so it may even be her great-grandmother's.

Regardless, this quilt is beautiful! It is made entirely of these oblong hexies. And it is hand pieced. When I measured the quilt there was only a 1/4" to 1/2" difference in the sides. Incredible!

It was also almost perfectly flat when I laid it out to pin it. Only a very minute amount of ruffling at the edges. This woman was obviously an amazing quilter.

I followed the seams lines when I was quilting so I wouldn't take away from the simple yet effective design.

These are some of my favorite fabrics showcased in the quilt.

Love these bunnies! There were only a few pieces that matched. Almost every one of these oblong hexagons are in different prints. It is a great display of vintage fabric. A little of everything.

These grays and pinks are very modern looking.

I was really reluctant to give this quilt back;)

Thanks Kim!


  1. Such a beautifully made quilt and I love the way you enhanced it with your simple, yet effective quilting design! I would also have a hard time letting it go.