Friday, October 4, 2013

Debbie's American Heritage quilt

Some of you will remember Debbie's king size quilt filling up my dining room floor as I was just about to pin it. Well, after 3 weeks of intense quilting, it is finished! Debbie asked for tight quilting, but gave me free reign on design.

I used a cream colored So Fine thread for most of this quilt, both in the top and bobbin. I even got to test out my new Fine Line Continuous Curve rulers on the diamond designs above. Love these rulers!

I treated each group of blocks as it's own entity and quilted them one at a time. There are similar design elements in each block group, but they are all different.

The design in the blue on-point blocks ended up reminding me of corn growing in the fields.

When I got to the flag on the top of the quilt, I matched the thread color to the fabric color. I wanted the flag to stand out on it's own and I was worried that it would be too much to have all that busy feathering and swirls in the cream thread.

Thanks so much Debbie!


  1. Looks great, Laura! Good job as usual.

  2. I am floored with your quilting. Whose rulers are the Fine Line Continuous Curve ones that you mentioned. If I buy these would my quilting look as beautiful as yours!!! LOL You are such an inspiration to me.

  3. Great job! So glad you like the rulers. I'm loving mine too.

  4. Magnificient job! love how you did some many designs in each of the blocks.

  5. Замечательные работы!