Sunday, August 11, 2013


Wow, I just pulled up my blog to post this and noticed the last posting date. Has it really been that long since I posted? I actually had someone email me and ask me if I was ok, hehehe. A lot has happened since my last post. I got a new baby AND a studio! My APQS George arrived a week ago.

This is the box the George came in. How is that for creative packaging?

And this is what I found when I opened it up. So cute!

I've been trying to encourage my husband to convert our screened porch into a proper enclosed studio, but he's just not seeing my vision. When he suggested turning out living room into a studio and moving the couch and tv downstairs into the 'den', I wasn't too sure. But when a woman is offered a choice of maybe having a studio a year into the future (maybe not) or converting the front room into a studio right now, she grabs the opportunity with both hands. Who needs to watch tv anyway, right?

So here it is, my studio. Clients can walk right into this room from the front door and I can block the dogs off with a child gate instead of rounding them up and tossing them into various rooms, while they are barking furiously at 'intruders'. And by the way, that thing on the right that is covered in quilts is my baby grand. This room is both a quilting and a piano studio. Perfect!

According to my husband, the best thing is that he feels like he doesn't have to hide when clients come over:)

I bought this beautiful antique cabinet a while ago and refinished it. It has been holding DVDs, but my fabric looks so much prettier here.

I'm going to make a little curtain to put in the white hanging shelves so my big spools don't get dusty.

Dog number two has sneaked in to peer out the window. Is the neighbor's cat still lounging under my van? Inquiring minds (don't think he has one) want to know.

I'm loving my George now. I was a little stressed at first fighting with the tension. It is a bit of a transition from a well marked domestic machine. These unmarked metal tension knobs are a little scary. Turn it up, turn it up again, oops, thread broke. Ok, there's the top limit. Back down again.

I was having a bit of trouble and I got a t-shirt quilt in, which called for invisible thread. Lovely, who doesn't have trouble with invisible thread from time to time under the best of circumstances? By some act of God (and I mean that literally, I was THIS close to creeping back to my Jane), the tension was perfect at the first go. Hallelujah!! And no railroad tracks here and there on the back with certain curving motions. Maybe George is particular about his thread.

I guess we'll find out. Stay tuned for future installments:)

Here's a couple of quilts I've managed to get done as well:)

And, by the way, the foot pedal isn't a problem at all. Think gas pedal, not domestic, heel on the floor pedal. It is actually more comfortable and less strenuous on the old ankle after a few hours. Wonderful!


  1. congrats on both George and the studio! You do need room to spread out!

  2. New toys are always fun!! I have a friend with her longarm in her living room. They converted a bedroom to a TV room.

  3. Congrats on the new machine! There are always a few hiccups when you start using a new machine. Glad your starting to bond with yours.

  4. Everything looks great, Laura; looking forward to visiting you in your new space. It's bright and inviting. Well done; wishing you many happy years with your new friend, George! :)

  5. So happy that you finally got your toy and your studio. Need to finish a quilt so you can practice!!!

  6. whoo! hoo! so glad to hear you and George are getting along so well. The quilts look great.
    I notice a new piece of furniture in your studio, the piece with the cubbies! Everything looks great!
    Congrats on your new machine.

  7. Complete with a bow; how awesome is that!

    Now I'm eying our living room as a studio.....