Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joanne's minky baby quilt

Joanne brought me this adorable baby quilt complete with chevron minky background. Now, I'm a cotton girl myself (with a little linen thrown in here and there), but this minky is soooooo soft. Makes me want to just sit there and pet it all day:)

I quilted circles to offset all those straight lines.

Isn't that a cute backing?

Thanks Joanne!


  1. I have wondered how the Minkee would be to quilt. You obviously had no problem! This is adorable!

  2. love the quilt and the quilting -- great project

  3. Beautiful! I, too, could pet all the "fur" off of Minkee fabric! I quilted one a few years ago with Minkee backing and it quilted like a dream. Your quilted circles are very pretty!