Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adele's quilt

Adele started quilting this quilt for Sew Original's Solid Challenge on her own machine. She had quilted about 1/4 of the quilt and her machine started acting up. She had to take it to the shop and leave it while they tried to figure out what was wrong.  She asked if I would finish this for her.

She wanted straight, well, not quite straight lines on all the light gray fabric to give it a nice modern look. Perfect! I got to go super fast on my machine and not have to worry about the lines been exact. So much fun!

Thanks Adele and good luck!


  1. It's terrific. You're a miracle worker~ well done, Laura!

  2. What a neat design. I wonder if Adele created that quilt design herself.
    Hope you having a Happy Easter Day!

  3. That's a great version of that quilt! And your quilting is amazing, as usual!

  4. great quilt -- puts my guild stash one to shame.