Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Debbie's double Irish chain

Debbie asked for custom quilting on this double Irish chain. Tight and lots of pebbles! She found a pin on Pinterest that she loved and asked if I could quilt that. 

Karen from Quilts on Bastings in Australia had quilted this and Debbie loved the design. I broke it up a little, alternating the pebble fill with stippling. 

If you want to know how I filled each grid with orange peels without stopping and starting, here you go. I would SID around the large blocks, starting at the top of the block, When I got to the bottom, I would start quilting in one direction and then bounce off the wall of the next large block. Then I would come back down.

When I reached my starting point, I would stitch up one block (the SID for the large block) and then go again. So by the time I reached the top, all the peels were done and the SID for the left side of the block was finished.

Thanks Debbie!


  1. Looks amazing. You have certainly risen to the challenge you were set. Love the background pebbles you have done to alternate with the stippling. Thanks for sharing how you progressed through each block.

  2. Your quilting is fabulous! It sure is nice to see you posting again!