Sunday, May 18, 2014

Voted Best Longarm Quilting at the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Show!

My local guild, the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters, had their show this weekend and I walked away with the Best Longarm Quilting ribbon!

I'm still floored. My friend Gina B had posted a pic of her quilt that won the blue ribbon in the bed quilt category and the Best Longarm Quilting by the Carolina Longarm Association. I was teasing her that now I had a goal, meaning I would get good enough to beat her one day, and she said that I HAD won a ribbon. So I'm thinking the wholecloth quilt, right?

Nope, it was Carrie's amazing applique quilt. The one that I had a great time quilting, all sorts of different designs, like a sampler.

Let me tell you, there was some amazing quilting at this show. From what I've heard on the grapevine, it was the border that the judges loved the most. 

I had used 3 different designs that I pulled out of the design on the backing fabric.

I guess that is what the judges really liked. Something different anyway:)

Right now I'm over the moon. When Gina told me that I had won that ribbon, I was thinking it was a ribbon within the wall quilt category. I didn't realize it covered the whole show! Amazing and exciting! Now all I have to do is regain that dexterity with the longarm. So I definitely have some goals for the future.

While I was at the show, I took a bunch of pics. There were quite a few that I had quilted. When I got home, I realized some of the pics were fuzzy, grrr! But here they are anyway:)

Carrie stole the show. Three of her quilts got ribbons, all three of which I quilted. Her applique is stunning!

My Time for Tea was squished in there. No ribbons for this one. The judges thought the quilting a bit over the top for the oriental theme. I can see that. I probably wouldn't have gone so fancy on the blue blocks if I had to quilt it over again, but I do love the quilting in the cream background.

Linda's quilt picked up an Honorable Mention. I think I might have even quilted this on my Babylock!

Debbie's double wedding ring and her patriotic quilt were also hanging up. It was great to see both of these from a distance. When I quilting, I'm concentrating on smaller areas and I don't often get to see the whole picture.

My fish quilt got a red ribbon.

Tamoe's gorgeous log cabin, which I also quilted, got a blue ribbon, as well it should have. I've never seen such precise piecing. Beautiful!

Della's quilt also got an honorable mention. I couldn't believe she had bound it so quickly. I only gave it to her on Monday!

Carrie's little heart quilt also got a Judges Choice ribbon. This was another one I had done on my Babylock, one of the first customer quilts I had ever done. Way back when Carrie took me under her wing and trusted me with her precious quilts:)

****I have removed the rest of the photos I took because there was a mix up on Pinterest. Pinners were repinning these photos without giving proper credit to the artists and giving the impression that they were my work because my blog name was on the link. I apologize for this mistake and have removed the photos so this does not continue to happen.


  1. Congratulations on your ribbon - beautiful quilting!

  2. Congratulations! you have done so many fabulous quilts. Great to see the photos since I missed the show.

  3. Your ribbon is well-deserved! You're right, there was gorgeous quilting in the show; I was inspired at every turn! Great photos, thanks for sharing them here.

  4. The judges are right, your border is lovely.

  5. Congratulations, again! Beautiful work, on beautiful quilts! Truly a wonderful show!!

  6. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful quilts! There is some beautiful quilting there..Congratulations on your wins! It must be so rewarding to see your quilting on all these beautiful quilts.

  7. Congratulations! You must be thrilled!

  8. Wowza girl! You've been busy! Congratulations!

  9. Yeah for you. That is fantastic!

  10. Congratulations on the ribbon! The quilting is so nice and perfect. I love my Babylock too.